About CVA

We started CVA based on the simple premise that by doing a lot of things differently from a traditional investment bank, we could ensure that our client entrepreneurs maximize the return on their investment of time, energy, money and perseverance. As business owners ourselves, we understand what it takes to build a successful company, and everyone at CVA is committed to making sure you get the absolute best representation possible, whether you are selling your company, raising capital for future growth or simply building value for the future.

We come from backgrounds of deep operational and transactional experience, so we bring a unique perspective that is important when you are presenting your company to potential investors. We are careful when selecting clients to ensure that our relationships are collaborative and built on trust. As former operators, we understand that a transaction is simply one tool to help you accomplish your goals, but it is not always the best option. Unlike most banks, we are willing to work with our clients for years prior to a capital event—it allows us to build a deep relationship with our clients based on shared objectives and aligned interests.

What We Can Do for You

Mergers and acquisitions

CapitalValue Advisors understands the value of listening. We take the time to understand your business and your needs, then we fully evaluate and address any challenges. We create a custom prospect list and powerful positioning tools to screen potential buyers via direct and personal contact. We leverage the depth of our business experience to drive value and make the sale of your business a financial and personal success. If you are planning to buy a business, we have deep experience in acquiring companies and can help you in identifying acquisition candidates, negotiations, due diligence and integration planning.


We have a valuation expert accredited with one of the more prestigious credentials (Certified Business Appraiser or CBA from the Institute of Business Appraisers). We provide valuations for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to: exit planning, strategic planning, estate planning, and buy/sell related engagements. We look at business valuation through the eyes of an investor. We take the time to tour your facility, meet your management team, and research trends in the marketplace. We combine our operations and appraisal experience with our financial savvy to develop a sound and reliable valuation that is accurate.

Board advisory

Many of our clients engage us years in advance of when they want to go to market. From experience we know that preparing your business years in advance of a sale can create substantial value for you when you ultimately decide to sell. Understanding, identifying, and resolving risks in your business results in an increase in value – by having us on your team in advance of a sale, you can leverage our years of experience in operations and transactions to help you think more strategically about your business.

Capital raises

Finding the right capital partner is more complex than simply finding someone willing to invest in your company. Our unique blend of advisory and operating experience can locate a partner who can creatively address challenges for your business and bring more than just money to the table. We have an extensive network of diverse equity and debt financing resources to help our clients reach their goals.

What Our Clients Say

When Eruptr approached us regarding a potential acquisition, we already had CVA on our side for the previous 12 months, guiding and preparing us for a potential transaction. CVA provided expert guidance throughout due diligence, negotiated aggressively on our behalf, and helped us achieve maximum value for our investors. I would recommend CVA to any CEO considering M&A strategies."

Greg Gossett, CEO of HealthAware

I am very proud of our entire team and thankful for our employees and customers who helped build this business over the last 55 years, these are world-class people and made it a pleasure to come to work every day. CVA has been a terrific long-term partner to us. Throughout the process Zack and the team at CVA always represented our interests well and worked tirelessly to close the deal. I would highly recommend them."

Rick Pott, CEO of RW Specialties

Selling a business is intellectually straightforward but requires a nuanced and complex process. Seattle Fish was fortunate to have the support and guidance of CVA during the sale of our Kansas City division. CVA specifically brought deal experience, negotiating skills, and tactical support allowing our team to maximize our return and mitigate risk. CVA provided holistic support and expertise through the entire process – from initial preparation through managing the close process. I recommend CVA to anyone in a similar position and look forward to maintaining a long-term partnership with CVA."

Derek Figueroa, CEO and President of Seattle Fish

When I decided that I wanted to find a firm to help me market my company, my only choice was CVA. I had met Chris at several Vistage meetings and I also had a friend that had used them with excellent results. CVA totally prepared me for what to expect. They held my hand the entire way, making sure that my key objectives were met and that I all the information I needed to make critical decisions. They were there for me every step of the way! It was the best decision I have made to choose CVA, and I have made good friends with the team along the way. Because of the expertise, they helped me find the perfect partner in White Wolf!"

Teresa Vidger, Founder of THD

Much like growing a successful business, the most important thing is having the right resources and team, at the right time. CVA’s team was incredible! They added value from beginning to end of the sale process. We interviewed several firms, including a few specializing in hrQ’s industry verticals and are pleased we went with CVA. They ran a well-organized, thorough process, and guided us through the ups and downs of the transaction. I’ll forever be grateful for their support, guidance and expertise."

Molly McCoy, Founder of HrQ

As we began our search for a buyer, CVA was recommended to us by a mutual contact. We couldn’t have had a better recommendation! During this process, Danny and his team at CVA went far above and beyond to support our goal and needs. Dawn and I couldn’t have been more pleased with their knowledge, understanding and patience with us during this process. Having CVA on our side the entire time made us understand how important it is to have a team like them representing us. Danny, John and Cam were professional, they listened and most of all, performed above our expectations. We feel like they cared for our needs and concerns and we look forward to having a lasting relationship with CVA."

Ben Schwenk, Founder of LDIS

CVA did an outstanding job guiding us through the sale process. Their knowledge of the building products space and experience with similar transactions was critical to our success. It was a difficult decision to sell the Company, but we always knew CVA was on our side and an advocate for our objectives."

Jim O’Mara, Co-Founder and President of Comfort Air

The team at CVA was exceptional. Their knowledge in navigating a transaction and experience in Software-as-a-Service proved to be invaluable to our team and to positioning the unique aspects of APG. They are a truly remarkable group of professionals that I would recommend to any entrepreneur who is considering a capital event."

Mark Thelen, Co-Founder of Aircraft Performance Group

When Mark and I decided to find a partner to continue the growth and legacy of APG, we knew one of our most important decisions was the investment bank we chose to represent us. We could not be more pleased with CVA. From the beginning of the process, they genuinely listened to our objectives for a transaction, understood our business and worked tirelessly to push the deal across the finish line. Throughout the transaction, CVA explained every detail and ensured we understood every decision before we chose a direction."

Rogers Hemphill, Co-Founder of Aircraft Performance Group

CVA did an outstanding job of understanding our objectives and requirements for a growth investor and ensured through the process that we remained aligned. The buyer brings experience that will greatly assist us in forging continued growth and success, while maintaining the Company’s family values and dedication to our local community."

David Jones, CEO of Sonsio

Working with CVA was simply fantastic – we could not have asked for a better experience, or for more involved and capable advisors. From our initial phone call through closing, the CVA team was there every single step of the way. Chris, Aaron, and the rest of the CVA team are simply peerless in their field."

Jim Kane, Founder and CEO of Retailer Web Services

We’ve been on the other side of the table with the CVA team multiple times in the past and knew first-hand how well they represent their clients. That gave us full confidence in using them for the sale of Outward Hound and they delivered 100%. We also appreciated how hands on they were; they jumped in immediately to take on as much as they could, allowing the management team to continue to focus on running the business and delivering results. We couldn’t be more thrilled with CVA’s performance on this transaction. They ran an incredibly quick, efficient, and competitive process and found an excellent home for the business with J.W. Childs while delivering excellent value to Riverside."

Steve Rice, Principal of The Riverside Company

We worked with CVA for our original sale to Riverside, and were excited to work with them again for this transaction. The CVA team did an outstanding job representing us – from investing the time up front to position our story well, preparing our team to present to investors, and getting the deal across the finish line, we were really pleased with their focus and effort. Outward Hound will continue creating innovative products in the pet space and we could not be more excited about our new partnership with J.W. Childs."

Kyle Hansen, Founder and CEO of Outward Hound

CVA did an outstanding job of understanding our objectives and requirements for a growth investor and paired us with an excellent partner. Socius brings experience that will greatly assist us in forging continued growth and success, all the while maintaining the company’s family values and dedication to our local community"

Greg Palmer, CEO of Bell Home Solutions

The expertise and guidance provided by the CVA team was instrumental to the success of the process and their skill at crafting a win-win financial arrangement for the partners, was a key success ingredient in the transaction. We are very, very pleased with the service they provided to us throughout the process."

Todd Dutkin, CEO of Fresca Foods

CVA conducted the process from beginning to end with total professionalism. They quickly came to understand our business as well as us. We were very well represented at every step of the process. "

Peter Mueller, co-founder and CEO of EcoVapor

For my brother and I, working with CVA was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Through CVA we were able to identify a great partner in Black Knight that fit everything we were trying to accomplish regarding our culture, taking care of our families and employees, and offering us amazing strategic growth opportunities now and future. Without CVA, accomplishing our vision of impacting every decision in the financial industry would not have been possible…and, thanks to them, now it is."

Tyler Sherman, CEO and co-founder of Motivity

We are thankful the CVA team helped us find the right partners for our company’s future. From our very first meeting, all the way through to close, we knew CVA was the right investment banking partner for us. They provided top notch service, attended to every detail, answered every question and met every need (many of which we weren’t even aware of) while running a well-executed process that yielded excellent value for us. We are grateful to the entire CVA team for making what can be a difficult process for so many a truly enjoyable experience for us."

Justin Farmer, CEO of Natural Dynamics, LLC dba Natural Vitality

CVA's strategic approach and expertise in every stage of the process allowed EcoVapor to match with a quality, growth-focused financial partner like EIV. In CVA's good hands, we were able to maintain a customer and operations based focus throughout the transaction."

Hans Mueller, co-founder and CTO of EcoVapor

CVA was very professional, a pleasure to work with and provided great advice and guidance throughout the process."

Tom Juracek, Managing Director of Marker Hill Capital

Working with CVA made the entire process better for everyone involved. Their teamwork, expertise, and ability to quickly address every challenge gave all of us the confidence and motivation to stay on track and on time. We were all able to maneuver this complex process as a result of the communication bridge that CVA provided."

MIke Hester, Founder of Beacon Communications

CVA was the guiding light for us throughout this process. Their bidder sourcing, positioning, and coaching were essential for us to negotiate the best deal. We have no doubt that we chose the right partner."

Lee Wilkerson, Majority Owner of SiteWise

The team members at CVA are true professionals who take pride in their work. They built a thorough understanding of all facets of our business. That knowledge greatly assisted them in working with RMIS and Envirosystems in crafting an acquisition which will prove beneficial to both parties as well as our customers."

Charles Wigglesworth, Managing Member of RMIS

From top to bottom, CVA displayed a remarkable understanding of Alpine’s business while representing us in our recent growth recapitalization, a tribute to their intelligence, experience, and diligence. We conveyed to them our criteria for an ideal match in a capital partner and they ran a wonderfully competitive process closely aligned with those goals that gave us multiple first-class options. They guided negotiations with a steady hand, ultimately leading to a robust financing partnership with Alcentra Capital. In addition, CVA really complemented our in-house finance capabilities and their team provided us with as much support as we desired along the way, allowing us to stay focused on running the business during the process."

Alek Orloff, CFO of Alpine

The CVA team’s value shined through by stepping in at key moments and handling extremely sensitive and delicate negotiations with professionalism and expertise. We knew we hired the right experts when the process played out exactly how CVA initially told us it would. The value added and quality of buyers that CVA brought forward was exceptional – far exceeding my expectations."

Tim Van Stelle, Majority Owner of Duro Electric

CVA was a perfect advisor for Colorado Components through this process to deliver a successful exit for Gemini, Timepiece and the Colorado Components management team. We are pleased to not only have completed a successful exit but also to have found a strategic partner in Wheel Pros..."

Matt Keis, Managing Director of Gemini Investors

CVA thoughtfully represented Uinta, and was careful to make sure that our new partner fit with our long-term objectives for growth. They brought a number of options to us, but throughout the process they worked to ensure that the spirit of Uinta would be preserved and enhanced with our new partner. CVA's process worked exceptionally well...."

Will Hamill, Founder and President of Uinta Brewing

The decision to pick a trusted advisor was a difficult one, however, from day one, I knew that we made the right decision by selecting CVA to help us through this process. Working with their team was a true pleasure and I always knew that they had our best interests at heart."

Shauna Doven, Co-Founder and Vice President of GWD

Not only do they have tremendous M&A experience, but they are also just good people and a pleasure to work with. They had a great process to get us prepared to market and sell the business and did a wonderful job during the diligence phase of offloading a tremendous amount of work which allowed me to focus on running the business and making key decisions in the sales process."

Josh Barrow, Founder and President of Third Sky

Working with the professionals at CVA was a true pleasure. It was important for us that capital not be a limitation to our continued success; now we are even better positioned to take advantage of all the market opportunities we see. We look forward to continuing our relationship with CVA."

Chuck Wilson, CEO of A-1 Organics

They took the time to understand our business, people and our true objectives of the transaction—I always knew I had an ethical, professional and dedicated advisor in my corner. They are a pleasure to work with and I am proud to be a client."

Greg Lyon, CEO of Jones Heartz

As anyone who has been through this process will tell you, getting to closing can be a grind, but CVA's experience and persistence made this process as painless as possible. I would highly recommend that any entrepreneur looking to maximize the value of his or her business, while also wanting to do what is best for their company, partner with CVA as their long-term advisor."

Kyle Hansen, Founder and CEO, The Kyjen Company

I knew what was going on every step of the way and never doubted that I was in good hands. Once the right buyer was identified, we completed the deal in weeks, not months. I attribute that timeline to the preparedness of CVA and their expertise through the entire process."

Philip Sidebottom, CEO of Navigis

CVA played a critical role in this process. Prior to hiring CVA, we considered handling this process ourselves…thank goodness we didn't. The deal process is complicated and CVA not only negotiated with several buyers, but managed the minutiae of due diligence as well. The result was a great deal for all parties. I cannot speak highly enough of the job that Jason and David at CVA did for us."

Dean Cahow, CEO for Vantage

CVA did an outstanding job bringing in an array of quality options, so we were certain once the evaluation period had ended we had the right partner."

Brad Walsh, President of Beacon Communications

Knowing they are an expert investment banking firm, I felt confident in CVA’s management of the deal, which enabled me to continue focusing on my main responsibility—the operation of Garbanzo. They helped me walk through a very unique stage in the company's history, and I am incredibly grateful for their knowledge and guidance."

Alon Mor, Co-Founder President and CEO of Garbanzo

Engaging CVA and its experienced team of professionals to facilitate the sale of the Company allowed me to continue to run the business. It is always a pleasure in business to partner with likeminded, similar culture companies and we managed to do both with Timken and CVA."

Trevor Armstrong, CEO of Wazee

Having now worked with CVA on three different transactions, we continue to be impressed with their integrity, hard work, and commitment to delivering a first class service to their clients."

Matt Keis, Managing Director, Gemini Investors

The level of service and knowledge that CVA was able to provide made the overall transaction a success. It was important to me to make sure that the buyer was as focused on the employees, our customers, and our continued success as I was. CVA made that happen through their process."

Curt Armstrong, CEO of Wazee

The CVA team helped us navigate very difficult negotiations with one of our largest competitors. They remained diligent throughout the process to ensure that the deal crossed the finish line and protected our interests along the way."

Chuck Swanson, Jr., President and Owner of CL Swanson

CVA made my goals their goals and guided me through difficult negotiations. That dedication and devotion led to the successful sale of my company and will ensure Combat Training Solutions' continued growth."

Tony Colon, founder of Combat Training Solutions

Selling one's business can be a complicated, traumatic and stressful ordeal. The knowledge, experience and professionalism exhibited by CVA was exceptional. Working with CVA actually made this process seem easy."

John R. Gillis and Darlene Hartze, SGM Shareholders

The time and effort to find the right advisor paid off. CVA was outstanding throughout the entire process. We are certain that their process found the best possible strategic partner to continue the successes of The Student Planner."

Torstein Solheim, Chairman of the Board, The Student Planner

We were very fortunate to partner with CVA. After interviewing a number of highly recommended firms the decision was clear. In the end it has been win, win, win and a terrific decision to work with CVA. I highly recommend them and believe they are the best firm we could have possibly chosen to handle our acquisition."

Ed Mikesell, -Co-Owner of SKT

We do not believe that this mutually beneficial transaction would have occurred without their highly professional, creative and most beneficial step-by-step unique processes. We will now join the ranks of the many highly satisfied former clients who are delighted to refer CVA to their friends and associates."

Peter and Ro DePasquale, founders of DePasquale Staffing

The depth and expertise that Hayward Baker brings to the acquisition will provide expanded value for Nilex Ground Improvement customers and new career opportunities for Nilex Ground Improvement staff. CVA played a key role in making this transaction possible."

Walter van Woudenberg, CEO of The Nilex Group

The team at CVA, specifically, Zack and Bates, made my deal possible. As an entrepreneur who developed the business over twenty years, it was extremely challenging for me to be objective in the negotiations. Their commitment to understanding our business allowed us to negotiate the intricacies and challenges of our deal successfully. They provided down-to-earth advice and represented Linko’s interests very well. Their experience and professionalism impressed the WaterTrax team which promoted effective communications as we moved through the discovery, due diligence and documentation phases. We would not have been able to do our deal without CVA."

Mike Connolly, President of Linko

It was our desire to find a buyer that wanted to use our long-established brand recognition and reputation in the market place as a platform for their growth going forward. More than just an exit strategy, we wanted to provide an environment where our culture would continue and our employees would have opportunity for personal growth and where our clients would continue to enjoy the relationships and service level they have become accustom, while adding to the financial strength and resource base supporting our team. CVA helped us select a buyer, guided us through the arduous process of due diligence and worked relentlessly in structuring favorable terms. This process was much more than we had anticipated and cannot imagine having been able to cross the finish line without CVA’s expert advice and assistance."

Rich Johnson, President of BIG

David and his team did an outstanding job understanding our business. The materials they put together to market the Company captured our business very well, and enabled others to easily understand the value in our organization. That alone generated significant excitement in the market. Throughout the process, David ensured that the transaction did not divert from the objectives we had discussed at the outset, and ultimately he and CVA helped me accomplish my goals. In addition, he and his team were great to work with. "

Terry Shadwick, CEO and Founder of BluSky

Chris Younger and the CVA team were instrumental in helping Triad achieve our critical business objectives. By listening to our desired goals, contributing strategic and tactical advice and following through on their commitments, CVA enabled a strong path forward for our company. The firm's advisory and advocacy skills are unmatched and I couldn't recommend CVA more highly."

Bridget Dunnington , CEO and Founder of Triad Technology

This deal was many years in the making, as I began working with David Tolson about 10 years ago when CVA and ITEC were in their early stages and still emerging as industry leaders. I watched David become an expert at coaching business owners to add value. My main goal in the transaction was to preserve the ITEC culture and minimize the impact of the transition on our employees and customers. David and his team brought me a deal that did that and much more. Coming down the stretch towards closing day, the CVA team fought hard in the trenches every day to get a great deal done, while making it as easy on me as possible. Chris and David work very well together and have built an incredible team at CVA. I have friends for life with their group, and I feel fortunate they chose to work with me. With the new strategic leadership and additional working capital provided by Fahrenheit, Randy and the rest of the ITEC team will continue to take the company to new heights."

John Allen, CEO and Founder of ITEC

When we made the decision to take Alpine to market, we knew it was critical to choose the right investment bank to help us navigate the process. There is no question we made the right decision in choosing CVA. From the early stages of preparation, to cultivating the prospect list, choosing the best partner and handling the negotiation, to flawlessly managing the countless details of the agreement up to the close, CVA was thorough, efficient, and tireless. To anyone seeking an advisor, you can’t go wrong with CVA. I recommend them highly and without hesitation."

John Griffith, President and Founder of Alpine

The Team Making It Happen

The CVA team is made up of individuals with a significant depth of operations and transaction experience. We feel that knowledge and experience only has value when it’s combined with an intense desire to work our hardest on behalf of every client.

  • David Tolson

    David Tolson

    David founded CapitalValue performing business valuations in 2002, and he and his business partner Chris Younger formed CVA (the investment bank) in 2005 with a mission to ensure entrepreneurs get the most out of their investment of time, energy and money in their companies. Sharing similar values and a passion for helping entrepreneurs, David and Chris felt they could do a better job for entrepreneurs and have had a great time helping clients ever since.
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  • Chris Younger

    Chris Younger

    Chris and his business partner David Tolson formed CVA in 2005 with a mission to ensure entrepreneurs get the most out of their investment of time, energy and money in their companies. Sharing a passion for what entrepreneurs mean to our community, Chris and David felt they could do a better job for entrepreneurs and have had a great time helping clients ever since.
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  • Zack Gibson

    Zack Gibson

    Zack joined CVA in 2008. As Principal of CVA, Zack's primary responsibilities include leading, executing and closing transactions involving the sale or financing of mid-market clients across a broad range of industries. He is also involved in financial analysis, modeling, market research and valuations.
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  • Danny Parkinson

    Danny Parkinson

    Danny Parkinson joined Capital Value Advisors in March 2015 and is a Vice President. Mr. Parkinson’s primary responsibilities include executing and closing transactions involving the sale or financing of mid-market companies across a broad range of industries. He is also…
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  • Danielle Sanders

    Danielle Sanders

    Danielle joined CVA in 2012 and is a Sr Associate. Danielle’s primary responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of client transactions including valuation, capital planning, pre-market preparations, market interface, due diligence management and deal execution.  
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  • Kristin Vanderloos

    Kristin Vanderloos

    Kristin joined CVA in 2019 as a Marketing Director. Kristin’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the marketing and assisting in the application development of CoPilotTM , an online startup on behalf of CVA that helps business owners and CEO’s identify and…
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  • Bobby Motch

    Bobby Motch

    Bobby joined CVA in 2014. Bobby works with the CVA team and our clients to help prepare financial analysis, modeling, market-research and valuations. Prior to initially interning at CVA, Bobby worked as a Business Analyst at Target Corporation, where his primary responsibilities included national inventory analytics and research. Bobby also worked as a Financial Analyst Intern at an automotive group in Minneapolis.
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  • Aaron Scro

    Aaron Scro

    Aaron Scro joined Capital Value Advisors in August 2017 as a Sr. Analyst. As an Associate, Mr. Scro’s primary responsibilities include executing and closing transactions involving the sale or financing of mid-market companies and supporting CVA clients through financial analysis,…
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  • Cameron McCaslin

    Cameron McCaslin

    Cameron joined the CVA team in 2017. As an Associate, Cameron’s primary responsibilities include supporting CVA clients across a wide range of industries, including financial analysis, modeling, market outreach, market research and valuations. Prior to accepting a role at CVA,…
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  • Alex Woolford

    Alex Woolford

    Alex joined the CVA team in March 2018. Alex’s primary responsibilities include supporting CVA clients across a wide range of industries, including financial analysis, modeling, market outreach, market research and valuations.
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  • John Eansor

    John Eansor

    In his current role as an Analyst, John’s responsibilities include helping our clients through market research and valuations, market outreach, and financial modeling and analysis. Prior to joining CVA, John held intern positions in a variety of industries, including software development, real estate finance, and medical device engineering.
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  • Peter Bessone

    Peter Bessone

    Peter joined the CVA team in May 2018. Peter’s primary responsibilities include supporting CVA clients across a wide range of industries, including financial analysis, modeling, market outreach, market research and valuations. Prior to accepting a role at CVA, Peter worked…
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  • Matthew Petterson

    Matthew Petterson

    Matthew joined the CVA team in 2019. Matthew’s primary responsibilities include supporting CVA clients across a wide range of industries, including financial analysis, modeling, market outreach, market research, and valuations. Previously, Matthew worked as an Associate at North Sky Capital,…
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